BG Technologies to the Rescue


BG Technologies often shines when the stakes are the highest for our customers. Emergencies such as approaching deadlines and line-down situations, while hectic for all involved, truly give our teams the greatest opportunity to shine.

Such an opportunity presented itself when an automotive parts manufacturer called Rosy Watkins late one afternoon looking for a cable. With a panicked voice the plant manager explained that a forklift had shredded a cable and they were currently at a production standstill. In the Just-In-Time environment demanded by automotive plants, this was true crisis.

The problem became more complicated when the customer mentioned he needed at least 20 feet of length. BG Technologies routinely stocks the most commonly used 2 and 5 meter cables but had nothing in this length. Rosy immediately got BG Technologies’ application engineer and sensor specialist involved to attempt to find a solution. Luckily, a 5 meter extension cable was found that, when plugged into a 2 meter standard cable gave the customer just enough length to get up and running.

The customer now had to devise a way to get the cables from Austin to San Antonio as quickly as possible. To save time, Rosy volunteered to drive the cable halfway and meet the plant manager in San Marcos. This saved the customer time, as nobody had to drive all the way to Austin and back, and money, as a courier service would have cost hundreds of dollars.

Miraculously, only three hours after the initial call, the customer had a solution delivered and installed and was up and running. All those involved at the plant profusely praised Rosy and the entire BG Technologies team. The maintenance manager, plant manager, and especially the forklift driver were thrilled with the level of service.

In the following weeks, they had our sensor specialists go through their sensor usage and recommend spares as to never find themselves in the situation again. If they do however, they are certain who their first call will be.

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